Export Growth Grants

Export Growth Grants

This grant facility targets Palestinian medium and large firms from the agriculture, IT and light manufacturing sectors that are successfully exporting and have the potential to enter new markets or expand in existing markets. The facility also targets firms whose exports have declined as a result of COVID-19 and associated market disruptions.

The facility will support a wide range of activities, including but not limited to product development, new export market development, packaging, promotion, and distribution. The development of innovative services and purchases of equipment are eligible for funding. We offer cost and risk-sharing partnerships that support firms to further invest in enhancing their competitiveness and the competitiveness of their local suppliers. 

Tasdeer will accept applications from individual firms and consortia of firms together with their suppliers. Integrating supply chains into proposals is encouraged.

Selected export growth concepts will be entitled to receive a grant from Tasdeer to fund supported firm activities. Our average grant size is expected to be £70,000 and our cost-share will vary based on the associated level of risk. Please contact us for more details.

Interested firms and/or consortia can submit a concept note to apply for support from Tasdeer. Tasdeer will work with firms whose concepts are eligible to develop a detailed Export Growth Plan (EGP). Each approved EGP will receive a Tasdeer grant to implement EGP activities and achieve the intended growth results.

Concept Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The concept is submitted by a firm registered at the MoNE.
  • Firms not registered in Palestine, but which are operating in East Jerusalem or Area C and are owned by Palestinians are eligible.
  • Locally registered Cooperatives that have exporting business as a core focus are eligible.
  1. The applicant has exported goods/services  at least once in the last two years to regional and international
  2. The concept contributes to Tasdeer’s main objectives of increasing exports and creating jobs.
  3. The export growth targeted markets match Tasdeer’s market diversification objective.
  4. The concept does not negatively affect the environment, involve child labor or gender discrimination.

Form submission guidelines:

Please email the concept note and supporting documents to concept@tasdeer.ps

A confirmation message will be sent to the applicant upon receipt. A follow-on message will be sent to the applicant on the concept eligibility result informing whether the application was shortlisted for detailed submission.

Download Export Growth Concept Template. Arabic version
Download Export Growth Concept Template. Eng version
Complaints Email: complaints@tasdeer.ps