Support to improve Palestinian trade-related institutions and business enabling environment

Support to improve Palestinian trade-related institutions and business enabling environment





Through this focus area, Tasdeer will cooperate with various stakeholders with the aim of improving:

  1. Trade-related policies
  2. Institutional, regulatory, infrastructural, and cultural conditions in the OPT.
Current Interventions:
Support the Commercial Attaché Programme at the Ministry of National Economy

In 2014, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) supported a programme for Commercial Trade Representatives (CTRs) from The OPT. CTRs were trained and positioned in key international markets to promote Palestinian products, provide export advice to Palestinian firms, promote investment in The OPT, and connect with the Palestinian diaspora. Palestine’s Ministry of National Economy is planning to re-establish a unit for Commercial Attachés (CAs) to undertake this work, and where Tasdeer support was requested.

Our intervention will support the development of the CA unit, build staff capacity to coordinate the programme independently, assist with the identification of potential markets for placement of CAs, and provide technical assistance with developing a strategic approach to guide the selection of priority markets.

Support PSI International Recognition & Accreditation

The Palestine Standards Institute (PSI) is the sole body at the Palestinian Authority responsible for issuing standards for products exported from Palestine. We are assisting PSI to gain international recognition and accreditation as a certifying body, which will minimise unnecessary costs currently incurred by exporters who struggle to meet export market requirements.

To achieve this goal Tasdeer is working to:

  • Assist PSI in signing Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) with selected countries;
  • Support PSI to be an organization that can grant an internationally recognized Halal certification;
  • Support improving PSI’s testing quality infrastructure; and,
  • Assist PSI in obtaining an International Standards Organisation (ISO) accreditation
  • Support PSI in measuring the impact of the implementation of SII standards on Palestinian imports
Strengthening PalTrade’s Market Intelligence Unit

The Palestine Trade Centre (PalTrade) is a non-profit, membership-based organisation with a national mandate to lead the development of exports as a driving force for sustainable economic growth. PalTrade provides services that help Palestinian firms assess their export readiness, build their capacity to export, and identify new export markets. However, Palestine still has a major trade deficit, and a primary obstacle to SMEs exporting is a lack of information about foreign distribution networks, border regulations, and standards. As the leading export promotion organisation in Palestine, PalTrade has resolved to reposition itself to better support its members in entering new markets, expanding current export markets, and growing its range of member services.

Our intervention will support PalTrade to build its Market Intelligence Unit (MIU) through funding detailed market research (to be carried out by an international market research consultant). This will provide the MIU with:

  • Intellectual property developed with our support (market reports); and,
  • Coached MIU staff who will conduct independent market research on future assignments
UK Palestinian Tech Hub

The United Kingdom Tech Hub will support the growth of Palestine’s tech ecosystem by building linkages and partnerships between UK and Palestinian firms. The Tech Hub will:

  • Provide information about the UK tech market, Palestinian firms, and opportunities
  • Build the capacity of Palestinian IT firms to engage with international buyers and investors
  • Identify and match Palestinian IT firms with potential customers and mentors in the UK
  • Scope out the potential to facilitate inward investment in the Palestinian tech sector, including through leveraging the UK’s competitive advantage as a global centre for venture capital.