Support to improve the private sector’s skills and innovation to export and create jobs

Support to improve the private sector’s skills and innovation to export and create jobs





Support activities that will help Palestinian firms to increase their exports through the application of a market-driven approach. This market-driven approach will identify potential buyers and markets while exploring the linkages between the buyers, the firms, and their suppliers in agriculture, IT, and manufacturing.

To achieve this objective Tasdeer will work on multiple grant windows to respond to the market needs.

Current Windows:
Support active exporters to achieve higher export competitiveness, respond to Covid-19 market changes, increase local linkages and expand exports and create more jobs

This intervention aims to support Palestinian exporting firms through cost-sharing grants, to help them identify opportunities in external markets, and design and implement firm-level Export Growth Plans (EGPs). This intervention will help to capture export opportunities and to mitigate COVID-19 market changes on exporting firms while increasing local linkages and creating job opportunities.

A limited number of medium and large Palestinian firms have managed to export to international markets, but the impact of these exports remains quite limited. To continue expanding, diversifying, and responding to market shocks and market changes, including COVID-19, exporting firms need to take on bolder efforts and investments to reclaim and grow exports.

Our main grants window is offering support to Palestinian exporters through cost-sharing grants, helping firms identify opportunities in external markets, and funding innovative equipment and services to help them achieve export growth. This window is also open to exporters that have witnessed a decline in exports due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Support Gaza Agricultural Producers to Recover

This intervention aims to provide support to farmers with totally destroyed greenhouses in the May 2021 hostilities. It will help to re-build 19 donums of greenhouses to enable farmers to get back on their feet and resume production through a targeted cost-sharing grant facility to cover most of the reconstruction costs for greenhouses. 

This intervention will support job creation for farmers and contributes to increasing agricultural exports.

Supporting Gaza’s Garment and Textile Industry

Through this intervention, Tasdeer will build on similar previous initiatives to train women and people with disabilities (PWDs) in the garment and textile sector and create more employment opportunities.

Furthermore, Tasdeer will support Palestinian Federation for Garment and Textile Industries to conduct a feasibility study on the re-use of fabric waste from garment factories.

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Strengthen Domestic Production in Gaza

The intervention will design and implement a cost-sharing grant window targeting firms in Gaza to innovate in developing/improving products, increase local sales, and/or reduce dependency on imports, grant facility will target micro, small, and medium-size firms. Applications are mostly expected to come from the food and light manufacturing sectors.

In addition, the grant facility will support wide range of interventions including product development / improvement, packaging, promotion, distribution, know-how, technology upgrade and supportive equipment's amongst others.

This will be a pilot window to target 10 SMEs with potential adjustment as we progress based on learning outcomes.

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