Tasdeer - Trade Facilitation & Customs Support

Who we are
Tasdeer is a 4.5-year, £15 million development programme funded by UK Aid from the British Government and implemented by a consortium led by Cowater International. Tasdeer supports the improvement of trade performance in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). The programme aims to contribut... Read More
Focus Areas
We work flexibly across trade facilitation, trade enabling environment reform, private sector support and customs reform. Our four interrelated focus areas are: Support to expedite the movement of goods and reduce transaction costs; Support to improve Palestinian trade-related institutions and Palestine’s business enabling environment; Support to improve the private sector’s skills and innovation to export and create jobs (primarily through grants to exporters); Support to improve Palestinian Customs’ readiness to assume functions from Israel and collect revenues from trade-related taxes.
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    Al-Bardouni Commercial Center, 7th floor, 6 Yaffa Street, Ramallah, Palestine
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    +970 2 292 9287
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  • Reporting fraud, terrorist financing and safeguarding issues: FCDO and Cowater have a zero tolerance approach to fraud, terrorist financing, safeguarding breaches, sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment. Concerns should be reported to Tasdeer’s mailbox (complaints@tasdeer.ps), as well as to FCDO’s mailbox or hotline: reportingconcerns@fcdo.gov.uk or on +44(0)1355 843747”.